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Sensual Rita - Model Escort

Rita is the second model to come under our new spotlight feature where we give you more intimate details about the girls and give you an insight into their personalities before you meet them in person. Rita is one of our most popular and talented comapnions and one of the most elegant model London escorts you'll ever have the pleasure of dating. She is a trained massage therapist and is an expert in creating a feeling of pure relaxation and sexual energy. This stunning beauty is also a former catwalk and underwear model and has a certain charm that catches everyone's eye.

Brunette escort in London

But once you sit down and get to know Rita her friendly personality comes shining through. She loves having a glass of wine and socialising with new people. She enjoys eating out at nice restaurants and having quality dinner conversation and getting to know you on a more intimate basis. She is a regular in some of London's classiest cocktail bars and loves nothing more than enjoying a drink with a fun-loving respectful gentleman; her favourite cocktail is a Blue Lagoon. A night out with Rita is guaranteed to be a blast so what are you waiting for? Enjoy the company of this beautiful exotic escort and she will have you coming back for more.

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