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Halloween and Bonfire Night

It is no secret that a major turn on for many men is having a woman dress up. Now fancy dress is not always seen as the kind of dressing up that you would associate with being sensual and seductive but you only have to look down the busy streets to see the sexy nurses and little tiny outfits that girls wear on Halloween. It seems to be that this date in the calendar has been set aside for all of those women who enjoy dressing up and being sexy but do not always have the confidence to do so in every day life. An expression of their true colours if you like.

It is around this time of year that the request start to come in for escorts to accompany men to parties and be the perfect socialites. We enjoy these bookings as they are always a little interesting. Whether you are requesting a sexy wife of Dracula or a sexy nurse to take to an elegant party then we can always meet your needs and offer the best service. Don't be shy we will always do our utmost to give you the best possible date.

After Halloween on the run up to the Christmas cheer comes Bonfire Night. A day in which people brave the cold to go be near massive fires in parks and gardens and watch fireworks in the sky. It is a great tradition in this the UK and even in the centre of London events can be found to help celebrate this night. There is a great atmosphere on the 5th of November with people celebrating Bonfire night and it is a brilliant way to have a date. In the middle of winter to stand near a bonfire with fireworks overhead, it can be the perfect romantic evening for yourself and an oriental model escort.

To book a date for any of these events or for any kind of sensual evening in London then fill in our booking form or call us.

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